Revista da FCCXXT

Other requirements

Also required for submission are the following:

  • Names, telephone, and e-mail addresses for all authors.
  • A statement that none of the material has been published or is under consideration elsewhere, including the Internet.
  • Names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of five potential referees.
  • For investigations on humans, a statement indicating that informed consent was obtained after the nature and possible consequences of the studies were explained.
  • For authors using experimental animals, a statement that the animals' care was in accordance with institutional guidelines.
  • Copies of any paper by you or your coauthors that is in press or under consideration elsewhere that relates to the work submitted to Journal of Allelochemical Interactions, or of any paper that is cited in your paper as in press. These materials should be sent as attached PDF files in an e-mail to .
  • Written permission from any author who is not an author of your manuscript but whose work is cited as a personal communication or in press. Permission must allow distribution of in press manuscripts or relevant data to reviewers or any interested reader upon publication.
  • If you want to suggest a figure as a possible cover, it has to be sent in the best possible quality. The figure could be an additional figure that has not been included (for example, additional microscopic images that are too big for being included in the paper, or a combination of photographs that are summarized in the Manuscript as a table).